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Fantasia on "S.B.M." (1987) 7 minutes score and parts (6/5/4/3/2)

Give up? "S.B.M." are the initials for the 1961 pop song, "Stand By Me," which was used on the sound track of the 1986 movie of the same name. The movie was very popular with teenagers, and when Arne Running would walk into the rehearsal room to conduct his youth orchestra, he heard many of the musicians warming up with that tune. Week after week he heard it! So as a gift to these brilliant young musicians, this Fantasia was composed.

Heard in a "classical" setting, it is startling how beautiful this pop tune really is. It inspired the composer to build on it a fantasia of original material, in which he pays reverent and heartfelt homage to the popular music he heard growing up in the 1960s.

This piece is suitable for pops performances, youth concerts, and school programs. By clicking below, you may hear a portion of this music, performed by the young musicians for whom it was written:

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